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The Tunari Restaurant since 1935 is now one of the oldest restaurants in the city, located in what was "Av. 14 de Enero"  Av Heroinas today, and where it is currently the company was ELFEC season citadino tram that was the beginning where he began to write the history of Tunari, Cochabamba purely company with loyal customers get to build over time a real cochabambina Tradition.


"I know the Arebalo family, which founded the Restaurant Tunari, three generations, and I could see the love for the noble profession to serve and worship the most traditional Creole cuisine, for handling the peppers and native ingredients calls the zeal and inspiration of wizards of the kitchen, and the quality of the morning sausage has colonial reminiscences dating back to the glorious past of the famous Villa de Oropesa, today Cochabamba, Bolivia Gastronomic Capital."

- Ramón Rocha Monroy "El ojo de vidrio" -

Cronista de la ciudad

Adress: #676 Ballivian between Av. La Paz & Chuquisaca Str. Phone.4528588 E-mail: gerencia@tunarirestaurant.com

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